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Interrupts causing problems

I dislike asking questions - usually it means I didn't RTFM or that my Google skills are sub-par.  Or that I'm missing the obvious.  But here we are.  The following advenure takes place on a Picaxe 28x1 project board (that came with the Solarbotics "Start Here" kit) with a resistor pack replacing the Darlington chip.  The Parallax unit is connected to digital i/o pin 3 (though I see the same behavior on other pins).  Output pin 2 is connected to an LED (but the same behavior holds for pins 4-7 which drive the motor outputs).

Here is some code:


Electrical noise affecting Parallax Ping))) sensor

We're working on a "Start Here" robot (Picaxe 28x1 project board), but we fried the Sharp sensor (inserted the 3-pin connector backwards), so a Parallax Ping))) (from Radio Shack) was purchased in its place.  At least we have eyes again, but sometimes it's like Mr. Magoo driving around.

Greetings from a newcomer

Howdy all.

I don't have a question today (not even sure which Forum to put this in), but after poking around the LMR site for a couple of weeks, I wanted to congratulate you all on a great site with some genuinely nice & helpful members.  (Maybe if I dug deeper into older posts I'd discover the seedy underbelly of LMR, but I won't go there yet.)