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servo controler

i have built a servo controler using ic555 and a reostat of 100k and all it does is turn clock wise and jams in the end (the circuit is taken from-http://howtutorial.com/howto/how-do-you-build-a-simple-circuit-to-control-a-servo/) please help me to control the servo.

can Arduino be used instead of picaxe in the start here project if yes pls show

i can't get picaxe but Arduino is avialable here at bombay

How to use cny70 and whats its rating?

i bought a cny70 and don't know how to use it can it tell the difference between white and black colours?

arduino and freeduino

whats the difference between arduino and freeduino?


i am trying to make a 2-wheel drive car but can't get a propultion motor (motor to push it front or back) to drive it either it's too weak, it's too heavyor it's too powerful! please help!!!!!!