Let's Make Robots!
Hi guys this is my quadpod. I'm new with this kind of robot and i need a lot of help. I use lego pieces for the legs and the base. For the logic I used a ssc-32, … Read more

ssc-32 problem

Hi guys! i've bought a ssc-32 card from DFRobot and installed on my "virtual " windows 7 on the mac the LynxTerm. the problem is that I ca'nt move any of my servos. I've set the baus rate at 115.2k, put the jumper on the usbvcc and powered the vs2 with 4.8V.

Please help me:(

Hi guys! this is my first robot project and it's a simple "light-seeker". i used an arduino uno board and a motor shield from adafruit. the base is done with pieces … Read more

track wheel set and twin motor gearbox

hi guys!i have my arduino and the motor shield. the robot is in picture:


The problem is: when i start the two motors, they go for a few moments and then they block, but i dont' know why. they should go costantly. help plz:)

tamiya double gear box power supply

hi guys!! sorry for the noob question, but i need to know how to control the tamiya double gearbox with arduino but powered by external source. i mean, i have the motor connected to the arduino, but how can i give to the motor an external supply?


arduino controlled by iphone

Hi guys! i want to realize my project to control arduino with my iphone ( maybe through TouchOsc?) but i don't know if it's better use a xbee wifi module or a bluetooth module.

Thanks for the answers:)