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Need help controlling Traxxas ESC and Servo with Arduino

I'm working on an autonomous ground vehicle, guided by a U-BLOX Neo 6m GPS Module, and HMC5883l compass.

The ESC connects to the 7.2 NiMH Battery pack and is supposed to be connected to a RC receiver with a standard 3 wire servo cable, it also provides 6 volt regulated power from the same cable. Because the power is too high for an Arduino, I used a separate 5 volt power supply for the rest of the electronics, except the steering servo. Using a separate power supply makes the ESC and servo uncontrollable, creating a lot of jitter.

Weird Compass readings

Using this tutorial, I set up my new HMC5883l compass module from china onto my robot, and I had a simple program to draw the readings onto a circle.

This is a simple robot that I made for my cousin, it only uses 2 LDRs, 2 geared motors, and a 555 timer IC. I reused a Tamiya Tank tread kit and gearbox for … Read more

Wrong servos!!

I ordered 6 9g servos from ebay, and instead I received large futaba S3003 servos..

I'm not really upset that I got these servos, because they are worth more, but I've been waiting for the micro servos for a while now and these won't work on Project MegaTank with out some modifications :(

I ended up converting two into continuous servos and one accidentally broke so I turned it into a small gearbox.

Free l298 Dual motor driver

The l298 dual motor driver is available for free sampling here

Go to Orderable products >> ST pricing and free samples >> and order, you may have to make an account.

Problem with LCD

I don't know what's going on with my LCD display. It used to work fine, but today it hasn't been. Half of the display has a much greater contrast than the other. Also, it is flickering with some weird stuff. I have gotten the LCD code to work fine before. Any advice?


A small robot for learning various robot stuff
Using a
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Line robot sensor

Hey guys, i want to build a line following robot and I was scouring ebay for some sensors


I found these but I wasn't sure if they would work, as I haven't done this before. They're pretty cheap.

Robot camera?

I need a camera like a CMUcam or a AVRcam for my robot. I was thinking about getting a CMUcam or AVRcam, but there hasn't been much activity lately by the makers of these cameras, so I'm a little hesitant. I want to be able to do onboard color tracking, blob detection, etc.. And I have an Arduino Mega and Duemilinove to use on my robot. Any help from the LMR society goes a long way, and I appreciate it. Thanks!