Let's Make Robots!
This is a simple robot that I made for my cousin, it only uses 2 LDRs, 2 geared motors, and a 555 timer IC. I reused a Tamiya Tank tread kit and gearbox for … Read more
A small robot for learning various robot stuff
Using a
*All Updates will be added to the bottom, Old stuff on the top, newest on the bottom, scroll through and enjoy :)* Read more
As an additon to my arduino assisted RC truck project, I made a telemetry system for my truck, and I'm sure it will eventually end up being used on as a debugging … Read more
I modified my old Stampede truck with my Arduino! I added Anti Locking Brakes (Reversed motor) Read more
This is a simple Arduino Light seeker. It has an Arduino Duemilinove on board. It is powered by 2 AA batteries for logic( with boost converter), and 4 AA batteries … Read more