Let's Make Robots!
This robot was built using the RB-9 chassis available from RobotBASIC.org. It is powered by a RROS-based PCB that uses 5 ranging sensors to create a Virtual Sensory … Read more
It can easily avoid objects and go around them using the ultrasonic sensors. If the other supported sensors are added it can do many hobby oriented tasks.
Using a
The Rover 5 platform is relatively inexpensive and has great motors with integrated wheel encoders. The whole system is programmed through RobotBASIC communicating … Read more
This robot was featured in an article in the Dec 2011 issue of Servo Magazine. Three motors drive omni wheels to give it unique motions. The video link shows the … Read more
One of my hobbies is Ventriloquism so it seemed natural to combine puppetry with robotics. Our webpage has complete details of Frank including all source code. The … Read more
Modifications were made to a standard 3pi robot to give it most of the capabilities of the RobotBASIC simulated robot (bumper sensors, IR proximity sensors, line … Read more

A Robot Operating System

We at RobotBASIC are currently working on a RobotBASIC Robot Operating System (RROS).

The full RROS will manage almost any type of sensor allowing hobbyists
without an electronics background to build and program sophisticated
robots.  The RROS will probably be distributed Open-Source to allow
expansion and customization.  We will even allow users to share their
modifications through our web page.  The LIGHT version is requiring
sensitive coding that will not be appropriate for modification, so it will