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Picaxe Overheating

As soon as I add power to my Picaxe 28x1 board, everthing overheats. Besides just it being a bad board, the only other reason I can think of that would cause that, is that I turned on the board (4.5 volts) before I had put the microcontroller in its socket. If, in fact, everyone thinks this is the board malfunctioning, then, do you also think solarbotcis would give me a refund? lol

As I'm sure this question has been asked many many many times, a link to one of them (prefferably answered) will suffice :)

RF Data Transmission with Picaxe 28x1

Basically, I want to link a Picaxe 14m and 28x1 for data transmission, and im thinking of using these.

First off, I have no clue as to how I would go about wiring these to the Picaxes.

Second, some help with the programming would be nice as well (I'll specify my questions later, as I'm sure there will be plenty of them :) ).