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New Project

Am I the only sole here taking advantage of the awesome $4.30 price point of the LaunchPad???

My latest at:http://ijprojects.blogspot.com/2011/08/walk-through-vistaquest-vq1005.html

Question: Using Multiple 'taps' on button to subroutine branch

PICEAXE 18M2.  I would like to use 'taps' on a single button to select different subrountines.

For example, 'tap' once on the button switch to select one subroutine.  Double 'tap' selects a different subroutine.  Triple 'tap' selects still a different subroutine.  Four 'taps' ......   Okay, you get the idea.

Is this possible?  Wait, of course the 'tap' once example is a no brainer, so let's move to the multiple 'taps'.  What commands would be use?  Any hints?


How to turn off the PICAXE during coding

Is there a way to 'calm' the PICAXE when I'm debuging a program?

I get tired of hearing whirling servos and motors while I am doing program edits.  Right now I unplug the PICAXE power, but it seems like I should be able to hit a 'STOP' button from the editor.  Codewarrior (Coldfire) and CCS (MSP430) have this function.  I would guese the PICAXE program editor has one as well.

I see the "Clear Hardware Memory...", but I afraid to click it thinking to could erase the code that makes a PIC a PICAXE.


New owner of FSLBOT [now for sell or trade]

I find myself to be the owner of a new FSLBOT (I won it).


Does anyone have any experience with this guy?

Simple PICAXE Servo question

I just got my PICAXE dev board and have been enjoying the learning process.  Thanks for al the informative posts that I have been able to read.

I'm toying with one of those little blue sg90 servos.  I know the min and max positon values are supposed to be 75 and 225 per the PICAXE manual.  However, my servo feels like to is fighting a hard stop when swung to position 75.  The hard stop seems to be at about 85 or so.

Multiple Launchpads talking to each other

I'm about to give up on the Launchpad. No fault of the device, it's just everthing seems to be "roll your own". I see the code and examples for the PICAXE and the whole wide world seem simpler. Can't fault the LP for the price, though. If you have more that one LP you can test your switch sensing code with this example. See embedded video and my spaghetti code below.


// By Voltar.  www.ironjungle.com  June 2011

// Simple demonstration of multiple MSP430 Launchpads communicating 

Removing a PICAXE from a Development Board

I've just read through most of the PICAXE forum and made a decision to move from the MSP430 to the PICAXE.  Mainly because I get more I/O and programming that doesn't remind me of the MC6800 assembler class I took as an EE.

Something else forum question

This is a site question, not a robot question....

How do you add a 'creation' in the Something Else area.  I don't see any obvious "New Somethang" button, etc.

Thanks, Voltar

Servo Routine for MSP430 LaunchPad

Has anyone written (or seen) a short simple program that I can build on for PWM servo control using the MSP430 launchpad?

Just someting basic and simple; easy to follow.