Let's Make Robots!
From the Labs for Voltar:  Compass bearing/heading following Robot of Doom.   Using a LM303DLHC MEMs Compass and an Arduino the robot follows a compass … Read more
Tweet to @OurCatDoor and the "Hand of PI" reacts.
Using a
Full build page (with source) at: http://whiskeytangohotel.com/handofpi You can control the "The Hand of PI" by sending a tweet to @OurCatDoor. If your tweet … Read more
Update 8-28-2011: I'm calling this one done.  In the end it came out nicely I … Read more
Walks forward, backward, spins, blinks.
8/5/11 Update: Everyone should build one of these.  This was my first 'remove the PICAXE' of the dev board project.  Good fun! Read more
I got the SHR because I wanted to turn it into a cat toy. It works; just ask the cats... The CatScan Robot sits patiently waiting for one of our cats (Zena or … Read more
UPDATE JUNE 11, 2011: I'm calling this one done.... The goal was to learn how to program and interface the MSP430 microcontroller with a toy tank and make it drive … Read more