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Propeller Survey Program

Yes or No... thats the only answer on my program. After several months of school I finally decided to make another fun program. Success! I was sitting there trying to think when I thought about all the tests I have this week... and there was my idea. I thought that I should create a program that askes questions you must answer. Since it would use the Parallax Serial Terminal and only require me to use commands from the PST object and store characters in variables, I thought it would be easy and fun for now.

The Coding Process:

Navigates with a PING))) currently. Used for experimenting with Propeller on a robotic platform
Using a
The PREP - Bot is my first robot using a Propeller Microcontroller, and my first robot post on LMR. P.R.E.P. stands for Propeller Robotic Experiment Platform. … Read more

Motor Controller problem


Well, these are some pics I shoot for help to identify the motor controller on the board a RC Car.

 The big red and white wire should be to the wheels motor.

The two spots that show Red and white, should be the wires to the motors.( not the ones that are linked by the line with the word yellow) I think those are the right wires. However made this board didn't name the wires with things like GND, or PWR, they all say colors.

Need help with Prop again.

So I am back again needing help. This time my prop is not responding. I have the programming right, the wiring is good.
The problem is with the Prop itself.

So, let me explain, I color categorized the wires for voltage and ground. V+ is red, GND is black. To keep all the big wires
from getting in the way, I shortened and striped the edges to make them smaller, with my new wire clipper and striper.

Help with PropStick PE kit

I have gotten stuck on Lab 4, of the PropStick USB PE kit. One of the programs is to have the LED on P4 light up when the pushbutton connected to P23 is activated. LED on P5 should light when the button on P22 is activated. LED on P6 should light when the button on P21 is activated. But, only the LED on P6 lights up with its corresponding button. The other 2 LED's just stay light up the whole time. Im not very good with schematics right now, but I'm positive I wired it right. 

The code is:

PUB ButtonLed

       dira[6..4] := %111