Let's Make Robots!
A robot that can crawl or turn into a circle and roll itself around for locomotion.
The TROLLER 1D is my newest robot project.  The concept uses a series of simple 'links' to make up the TROLLER.  Its locomotion can be similar to that of … Read more
Small (low-cost) servo gripper for TROBOT
This is a simple gear driven servo gripper, laser cut out of ABS.  Designed to be a low-cost addition to my TROBOT 4.0 project. Servo drives one gipper finger … Read more

Here's my stupid question... Why can't I change my profile name?

I've tried several times since I joined this site to change my profile name.   I click on my profile, then click, 'edit', then 'profile', then type in my preferered user first/last name, then click submit.  They change on my page but when I post anything or type in the shout box, it still posts my full name.  

Just wndering why I can't change that?  Am I overlooking something?  

The TROBOT is a miniature six-axis articulated robot, modeled after large industrial & assembly line robots. The TROBOT is designed to be a small … Read more