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What Picaxe Command to use?

Iam makeing a nerf bomb for my sons's and iam stuck on what command to use.Iam useing a bread board and jumper cables so they have to pull out the jumper cables to stop the timer.

I have the jumper cables on input pin 0 to 3 and a button on input pin 7 and a buzzer on output pin 6 the command iam looking for is to make the button on input pin 7 cycle though the loops  ie;

main: if pinc.0 = 0 then buzz1


buzz1: high b.6 

           pause 6000

           low b.6

how to use a analogue input pin as digital output pin on picaxe


i have a picaxe 28x1 and would like to use 1 maybe 2 analogue input pins as digital output 

i read in the manual you can do this but can't remember where it is

i have look at it about 20 times and just can't find it can you help pls

many thanks