Let's Make Robots!

Idea for Challenge? (Much needed!) (saving the fishies!)

I don't know what gave me the idea.. lol, I remember watching a video about this a while back.. but just remembered it today out of the blue.


Basically, it'd need to be small scaled for now, but maybe ideas for the future companies! (and/or countries!) But I can't believe it's seriously gotten to this point... a garbage patch bigger than the size of Texas, in the Pacific Ocean! They find fish and birds as well, their stomaches full of the plastic they ate. (I mean, FULL.. it's more plastic than meat inside of the fish!) But anyways..onto the "Idea":

XMOS XK-1, configuring to work with HD44780 LCD.

Well this is the first actual hardware I'm going to interface! (I tried with my color LCD.. but when that failed.. figured I should start a bit more simple)

 The code is borrowed from a MIDI Synthesizer project, I just took out the LCD part, along with the buffer code. He was using the XC-1, which is just a 4-core version of the XK-1. The code should be fairly easy to implement, but I'm afraid I'm missing some of the basics when it comes to the XMOS pin usage. (I've gone through the tutorials and understand them for the most part)


Virtual Keyboard (Reads ASCII data from COM port)

Here is a program that reads Serial data, ASCII, and turns that into keyboard strokes. Works with the Serial.print command in the Arduino IDE. (Not sure how it works for Picaxe!)


About halfway down.. kind of hard to see the download link.

Using GPS via Serial Connection!

Well, I found out that Maplin had a really cheap GPS module that supports UART (Serial) at 38400 BPS. I'm still waiting for it, but here's what I have so far!

Here's the unit, and specs: (unit was JUST discontinued, so won't be able to find much info on the device itself)


Here's my "ghetto-duino" complete with LCD!

 EDIT: Had to put this picture at the top.. everyone needs their LMR dedication! :D

Stupid LCD... it's 1 pixel short of looking perfect! cuts off part of the first w :/  

PICTURES BELOW (near the bottom of the post) of the solder job under the board.



Well I finally got my camera taking pictures I felt were satisfactory, so you may be getting an excessive amount of pictures of random stuff. :D

Using a 18f4420 for something.. learning-ful, or fun?! :P

Well I aquired a PIC18f4420 when Circuit City closed down. Being an employee there, well.. everything was thrown away, besides what we could fit in our pockets without being caught.

And well, I found a... chip/board thing, that has a PIC18f4420 chip on it, and flip it over, and it slides into a breadboard. I searched online to see what it was used for, and the only thing I could find was the hand held devices that program cars remote-start, or something like that. Costing around $100 just for the chip on the board setup.

 Haha, now..

To hook it up and have fun?

Question about this Transistor!

Well, I was surfing eBay a few days ago.. and came across an exciting deal..100 S9013 NPN transistors for $4 with free shipping..

Of course, before looking into the specifications too much, just scammed over and seen that it can handle up to 30v at 500ma..

But I seen that the "Absolute Maximum Emitter Current"  is -500 ma.


Taking professional looking pictures, with a regular digital camera!

I just HAD to point out this post in the Arduino forums I seen, this guy takes AMAZING pictures! And explains how, even answers all your uber questions. Good for newbs like me! :D Great writeout!


 None of this is mine, just had to make sure this was out there, especially for those up and coming bots! :)

Just an example below: