Let's Make Robots!

Workshop basics - working with templates

Just a quick entry to cover a point asked by Antonio about using templates.

I'll use an example of some leg components from a hexapod that I am working on currently. Here is how I made them to be accurate to each other, and also accurate to the design. I'll add pictures to this post when I get home.

The component is a joint between two servos, and is a complex shape - A circular section at the end of each joint with a curved centre brace between the two.

I will post a picture of it at some point, but it's essentially the middle leg joint of a bot like this:

Workshop basics - the mechanical side of robots - post 1

Given the fact that I'm stuck in the middle of 3 months of 75 hour weeks, and Mrs Steve is *still* grumpy becuase there are no tiles on the kitchen wall, it looks like I'm not actually going to be able to build robots for a while, so I thought I would write about some area's instead.

I have found LMR's blog roll one of the most useful places to learn about robots and robot building, and so I thought I would add something myself.


An evolving 2 DOF hexapod - build log

Hello all.


I'm going to use this blog as much as a lab book for myself and my partner as I am for fascinating and entertaining you guys, so if it rambles at time, I apologise in advance.


The basic premise of this build is to allow a platform that can be hacked apart and upgraded as needed - it's for learning, rather than a finished product.