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Finding a good multimeter for university studies

 Hi I wanted to choose a correct multimeter for university studies (electronics).I did some resurch about  outo range digital multimeters. Actually I'm looking for a multimeter 75$ - 80$. As I'm live in Sri lanka when ordering I have to be really careful about what I order because in here tax for electronic goods are much higher. So that's why I need some help from you guys to choose a better multimeter.

I put some links to the products that I found on internet.

About using moter controllers

I'm new to robotics so I want to know abut driver controllers. Do we always have to use motor controllers to drive motors and servos. Can't we use only the Arduino for projects. When we are building a robot can't the Arduino handle both sensors and motors. I guess if we are using separate sorce to power the Arduino and the servos there won't be a problem having a motor controller.