Let's Make Robots!
So here is my first attempt at micros with an ATTiny85 controlling a Max7219 display driver. These tutorials came in handy: … Read more
Price: $40 USD
this looks like it would be awesome as a spycam on … Read more

Sorting out lots of resistors

check out this latest EEVBlog:

the dude makes a little testing rig that looks real handy.

ATTiny programming

I saw this link about programming ATTiny:


is it possible to make an ATTiny board to replace the Uno for programming other ATTiny chips?

they appear to have the same pins that are used by the Uno; 'SCK, MISO, MOSI'...



does anybody know how to contact tom jenner so i can ask him why the hell he blocked me on youtube?

the only interaction i ever had with this guy was a comment simply asking which kind of servo mod he was referring to in his video, as we all know there are many ways to mod a servo, and i canno afford to mess up several trying to find out which works with his

surely this must be some kind of mistake, so does anyone know how to contact him outside of youtube?

Stupid TV people to make stupid TV show about 'nerds'

check this out:


From the producers of MYTHBUSTERS, SURVIVOR and AMAZING RACE comes a new Competition based show embracing and celebrating passionate and intellectual guys and girls 21-30 years old. Showcase your skills by competing on topics you already know and WIN BIG $$!!!

74 logic brain improvement suggestions

i made this on breadboard and it appears to work.

but before i start soldering im wondering if i missed anything, if anything can be done better etc.
being the noob that i am i'm sure i overlooked stuff...



Using light dependant resistors

So i'm playing robotroom's PWM circuit and turned it into this:

salvaged from CDRom players, it seems to be a sort of 2 way potentiometer. the blue pin can move either way, and has a spring that returns it to center. measuring … Read more

DSO Nano SD card issues

getting kind of pissed off at the rediculous lack of info on this, even on the seedstudio forums :S
and evne google was frustratingly unhelpful/

anybody know how to get an SD card to work with the DSO nano (first model, version 1.6 with latest benf firmware)
on windows 7?

only usefull info i could find was 'make sure you have the STM32 driver installed'.
anybody know what this is, how to check for it, and if not, where do i get it?

oh and while were at it, how does recharging work?
does it need to be on or off, or will it work either way?