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non-robot related, physics question

Hello robodudes!!! I've got a question, it's not for a school homework(I promise :| ), it's for something that I'm currently working on, I just can't find any other equations anywhere that describes what I needed, so I've made my own....and I dunno if it's correct. 

slowing time constant(discharge) for cap

so....I'm back again!...

I have a small question,

I have finished a perfect classical conditioning analogue circuit for an AI, now i am gonna be using 4 "lobes" for the brain, i.e, touch sensor, colour sensor, memory bank, and output load. I am gonna be using the 2 different sensors for the stimulus(reward and neutral) and the output load for the response...of course,

Annual Online LMRobo-games!!!

What if somebody makes an annual robo-games for LMR members that is held online? just like Robotgrrl's robot party but with games and stuff e.g. online robot racing, online robot chess games(for those who do have chess playing robots, and connect them o the internet and play with other people), robot catwalk, coolest robot of the year...etc. and the prizes would be certificates that can be sent and print by the winner, or stuff that i don't know.

so, anyone interested in this kind of concept?