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Hello! this is probably my first barebones(I think)....it should actually use a pcb, but there was a problem when I printed the circuit board, the circuit's too … Read more
Update: 30th o' August, 2013: IT'S ALIVE! it's now alive, well sorta.....after some heaps of popsicle sticks, hotglue, etc. I've finally done it's frame, and it's … Read more
follow light, knuckle walking, "evolve" , "learn"
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  UPDATE MAY the 11th, 2012 New updates can be found here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/32610 note: don't comment on that blog, comment here!     Read more
Hello everybody! what i'm about to show you will gonna creep yer life out!...well sorta, let me introduce to you.......                               … Read more
follow light, knuckle walking,self recharging, etc.
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As you may have heard, Project RNGTN's gonna be discarded and re-use the components for another robot, codename project phoenix, the same face, the same functions … Read more