Let's Make Robots!


  Hay i live in Sydney, Australia and have been mucking around with hobby electronics for a month or two, so im very much a noob :P. im only reading and playing around with it so far so dont expect a robot to soon sorry. Being that im such a novice, any advice about this would be great :P

  A couple of years ago i came back from Thailand, where we had started an orphanage. we were there for 3 years, this stuff would have been much harder to get over there so im very grateful that i have this oportunity now. so its good to be able to get all that now, but still missing the orphanage.

  Im currently in year 11 at school and enjoy: reading, playing games, watching movies, soccer, and pulling stuff apart and seeing what makes them tick (since i was a tiny lad :P)

  With school starting to end, im trying to think of what to do when i leave school. Right now im doing software design at school, so that is my biggest option. Electronics is pretty awesome too so this is becoming an increasingly bigger option as well.