Let's Make Robots!
Samples logic signals to help you debug your stuff
To analyze the pulse train sent from a remote control, a Logic Analyzer (LA) can be very handy. Unfortunately such a beast can be rather expensive as well. With … Read more
Just stand there
Several years ago, I think it was in the summer 2007, I built this 4.5 meter tall Eiffel tower out of icecream stick and hot glue. I have lost the digital image … Read more
Cable used to program standalone AVR (Arduino) chips (ATMEGA328p)
  This weekend I made me a "cable" to program my ATMEGA328p chips the Arduino way. As usual by design goal is to use what I have rather than buy a solution, in … Read more
Gives a robot bluetooth capability
Some time ago I ordered a cheap bluetooth module on ebay for my Arduino. I went for a no-name module, when I say cheap I mean it. (well after all it were only a … Read more
Update: this robot has been replaced by http://letsmakerobots.com/node/29876 First step on my way to a maze solver. This roller only have one TCRT 5000 sensor, it … Read more

Aaronsuper, the scale for measuring discomfort while waiting for a parcel

Today on the shoutbox we came up with the concept of a standardized way of describing the stress, pain and general discomfort we all feel while waiting for the package with robot parts we ordered on the Internet.

We named the standard after Aaronsuper1 who waited quite long for the last, but damn important part, which completely prohibited him from getting started on anything. We decided that exactly that level is one on the scale: 1 aaronsuper.