Let's Make Robots!

Wake-On-Radio when Wake-On-Lan is not an option, and something on saving power

As some of you might already know, I have been working on a Wake-On-Radio system. Some of you will find it boring since it's not about robot building, but on the other hand a few of the sub systems could be useful in a robot... You decide!

I am a grumpy old UNIX sysadmin. I have a few Linux machines running as servers, and a bunch more if we count in friend's machines. I hate to loose systems or data when disks fails. Backups! Daily!

Aaronsuper, the scale for measuring discomfort while waiting for a parcel

Today on the shoutbox we came up with the concept of a standardized way of describing the stress, pain and general discomfort we all feel while waiting for the package with robot parts we ordered on the Internet.

We named the standard after Aaronsuper1 who waited quite long for the last, but damn important part, which completely prohibited him from getting started on anything. We decided that exactly that level is one on the scale: 1 aaronsuper.