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Compatable motors for picaxe 28???

Guys i got some motors as part of another kit, im just wondering will my picaxe 28 from the SHR be able to drive them ok with out burning out.

All i know about them is whats on this spec sheet


This is my 1st robot, i opted to go for the start here but change the Sharp for parralax ping))) ultrasonic. Scraped the code from various sorces (none of it is … Read more

Female jumper wires

Hi guys, im looking for a UK source of female-female jumper wires, seems a bit tricky so far. I have found these:


Yes i know they are male to male, but i wonder if anyone knows if the male 'pins' could come out, or are the soldered crimped on etc etc. or if any of you know of another source. I got hammered by import duty when using a US source recently :(




Start here and ping

Guys, im new to this site and need some programming help. Im pretty decent builder and fabricator but a real noob when it comes to programming.

I have the Start here robot and want to use the ping ultrasonic sensor for object avoidance (i.e just replacing the ir for ultransonic's)

I have found the code






 LET DIRSC = %00000000

 PULSIN 0, 1, w0