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spybot 1.0

Hi! Here I am again I need some components for my robot and I don't know where to get them. I need: 1 WiFi module that can host the WiFi for a iPhone to connect 4 serves that can keep turning 1 regular servo 1 board with one or more chips that can run the whole thing. Links would be very nice, and if the shop in in EU it would be cheaper for me :) Thanks! And I need one camera that can film

spybot 1.0

Hi LMR! I got the idea to make a little robot, with 4 wheels that van drive around. Ok, what's cool about that... so I decided to add in a camera and a wireless connection to a pc. I'm a total beginner to this BTW, but I'll figure out how to program it. The overall idea is to make a robot I can control from my pc, that transmits It's video signal to my pc so I can se where it is. My question is, which components would he suitable for my project? I was thinking about getting a wi-fi connection to work with my pc, will that work?

Choosing the components

I'm new to 'the robot world' and I'm an mecanic who fix cars and scooters.
I was talking with a friend of mine and we got an idea, let's make a turbo-charger setup for a scooter which is controlles by a computer which regulates the speed of a fan (small motor) from the input of some sensors.

The components i need is a motor with a propella, 1 Lambda sensor (the one from a car that measures the air-fuel mixture) and 2 air-preasure sensors. 1 for the atm. air and 1 for the air preasure the fan makes.