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Hellow there LMR i geus i haven't made any robot if i hadn't found this webpage ;) so here i am with my first robot. its a pretty basic idea, but for me ofcource … Read more

Control at two objectives at the same time

hi there LMR

ive studyed alot of the robots here and now finaly made my own one with arduino uno board and the SN754410SE chip

along with a servo i want my robot to ride and look if there's nothing on his pad wich might block'm.


now i got everything right except for this one issue:

(look to my script) i cant control the motors turn when the servo is stil movin I HAVE TO WAIT TILL THEY ARE IN RIGHT POSITION

arduino IR sharp 2Y0A21 (SOLVED)

hi guys,


i.ve been googling and searching around for ages now but cant find why my sharp ir sensor gives a standerd return of 300 in the display of serial monitor..

when i put my hand in front it wil display a number based on the distance of my hand between an int of 200 to 600 and sometimes a little more..


do u guys know how this can be happening. because my arduino now thinks he's seeing an object and returns 300 while in real life my arduino is facing notin but air..


thnx nick

powering my arduino uno



i'd like to make my arduino self-going, i mean that its power doesn't come from the usb cable.

but i dont know what volt i should use..

if i use 3 × 1.5 V is is 4.5V but it needs 5V' then if i power it whit 9v would it explode or someting i dont know how do u guys solve this? and does it actuly matter if i put 9v on it?


thnx nick

servo glitch: oneway selfe going



my servo goes glitching when power goes on it. i made a press butten to control its flow. when i push the pcb button wich is connected to 5v on arduino the flow will go trough my servo and its moves, if u think its ok.. u might wanna know that my arduino has no controlling a servo, but it moves anyway!! how is this possible orange is conntected to pin o/i 9 red to 5v and black to current. help me and ask what u need to know :3

and also my usb goes on and of on and of...... its beebing >.< then servo moves agian a little NO CODE FOR THE SERVO IN IT

hovercraft circuit

hi there reader, i would like to build a hovercraft. but since im not so experienced with setting up the construction i would like to hear if my circuit i build is correct, and if it is not, what should i add or remove and dont forget the why. (please also read info below img)

would this work. here is the construction:

- 2 motors in serie wich are the motor who serve for the floating

- 1 back motor to draft the hovercraft forward (just a on/of-construction)

arduino (wiring up)


a few questions about the ardiono board (UNO)

1. if i want to connect a moter, how do i connect the mottor with the arduino uno board?

2. how should i powerup (put elektriciti on it) the motor?

3. is there a motor shield NEEDED or can i do it without shields?

4. is it recommended to make a elektrical schamatic circuit before doing all the wiring/hooking-up at the board

5. what about the schematic circuits (ins outs, the why, the how and please more)

(how to) check circuits

im back with another noobie question xD,

i'd like to know if there is any method out there that i can use USEFULLY to test my electrical circuit that i made whit fritzing2011?

there is onl problem i dont want to buy the compenents yet, so it should be a digdital way to do the trick..

the circuit i made:


pinmode(HIGH and LOW)

dear reader, (xD)

i am just reading how to program an adriuno. but i dont understand the high and low part of putting to the pins..

from what i understand the only pherpase is to avoid noises??


is this correct?

thnxx nick janse

what board



im new here and i am still very young (17) and i would like to learn how to build robots so i may get introduced in this category.

is there any way of education (i preffer in holland) to learn all about robots? and if there is (even if there isn't) i would like to know wich board you recommand to use ALSO for future use.. like the professionals do! picaxe andruino or maybe somthing else

i do know programming and its C++ is not too hard for ME xD


soo bring it on thankks alot,

nick janse