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butler, all terrain movement, suit controlled, partial telepresence
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This is the more resent version of my humanoid and omniquadruped robots the humanoid has had its legs upgraded since my last post for it so now it is able to stand … Read more

what battery would you recommend for powering 10 servos at 6v ?

I am currently working on a humanoid robot and am trying to ruduce the weight and increase the opperateing time I am useing 4 AA batterys to power the top half 12  servos and another 4AA batterys to power the bottom half 10 servos  22 servos in total . The AA batterys tend to go flat quite quickly and haveing 8 AA batterys make the robot heavyer also if i could recharge the battery it would be a great help. the servos are rated at 6v maximum and 4.5v minium what would you recommend ?

Any help is greatly appreciated.  

can pick up objects when held in front of him
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This is one of my first robots that use servos I built this robot for my year 12 school project it isnt done yet i intend to put legs onto it annd make it walk … Read more

how to send sensor values wirelessly

i know how to send messages to another arduino but im not sure how to send sensor values here is code to transmit the word hello 

If you could show me an example code it would be great.

// transmitter.pde


// Simple example of how to use VirtualWire to transmit messages

// Implements a simplex (one-way) transmitter with an TX-C1 module


// See VirtualWire.h for detailed API docs

// Author: Mike McCauley (mikem@open.com.au)

// Copyright (C) 2008 Mike McCauley

cheap wireless shields for arduino

I was looking for wireless shields for my arduino and stumbled across      this http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1608192864/open-source-wireless-inventors-shield-for-arduino 

its a wireless shield for arduino that has 177meters range and is easy to program check out the link above for more info

what is the best way to communicate wirelessly from one arduino to another

I have 2 arduino megas and would like to send the potentiometer values of one arduino to control servos conected to the other arduino and I have never used any wireless things with arduino before I have a 433mhz transmitter and a reciever but havent been able to find any useful code for it and was wondering what other wireless devices i could use for sending potentiometer values wirelessly to another arduino easily . Any sugestions and example code and where to buy it would be greatly apreciated thank you

connecting c bracket to servo

Hi im kinda new to useing brackets for servos on my robots and i cant seem to figer out how i connect a servo to a cbracket . The servos i have dont have a rod sticking out the other side like some others do it just is a normal servo . so any help connecting a servo to a servo cbracket would be greatly appresiated thank you

h bridge

I am working on making a remote controle tank using a  infrared transmiter and reciever  i can make it go forward and turn but i dont know how to make a hbridge so it can go backwards to. and im not sure what transistors to use or in what configeration.

A list of transistors and schematic would be greatly appreciated

thank you


problem uploading blink program for arduino mega

when i go to upload the blinking led program on to the arduino mega it comes up saying this

error compiling

 avr-g++: CreateProcess: No such file or directory    

and im not sure what it means or how to fix it