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While surfing I have found a robot which is able to ride a cycleHere

The guy who made it say that he made it with sh7125 cpu core.I searched LMR.But there isn't a single post.

googled it but didn't understand if it is better than the atmega series.

So I thought I should share it with LMR. and Hopefully if someone can say something about this chip.

LMR point

I don't know if it is proper to write this topic in here.also if someone has posted it already then forgive me.

What about a New Point System (Which we will call LMR point or something like that).Users can give a maximum of

5 point to all the latest robots,walkthroughs etc.Except for the Senior Fellows who can give a maximum of 10 LMR point (like oddbot,fritz,ignoblegnome) which the Administrator will decide.

avrdude error after bootloading ATmega 168

First of all thanks to LMR,when ever I have posted any topics you guys helped me any way you can.Well there is a little problem I came up with today.

After seeing oddbot's post on bootloading.I decided to bootload an unused chip(ATmega 168).I didn't have any ISP programmer.So I decided to use my arduino severino(Atmega 168,Bootloaded) as ARDUINO as An ISP method.

The targetboard is a  Freeduino   (ATmega 168A-PU

here is the picture

Can solve maze via ultrasound,Can grab object via ultrasound
Using a
Forgive my poor english.. Many thanks to LMR and special thanks to   BIRDMUN , ANTONIO.CACIUC,BASILE and   peter ROBOTFREAK This is my first robot that is capable … Read more


how can i determine how much max current can my dc motor draw?


uploading programme

I have almost done making my first robot.bt before that i still have a lot of ques to ask.

one of it is whenever I upload programme.My robot seems to working fine.But after some time (it can be one day or one hour) it starts malfunctioning.if i reupload the programme then it is back to normal again.Can anybody tell me what could possibly doing this.and i am using atmega 168 in arduino s3v3.

i'm soon going to post my works.and i could never have done it without LMR.lots of thanks


arduino timer

I have an arduino severino s3v3, atmeg168  and  a  hcsr  ultrasonic sensor.

what i want is to start the timer when HCSR get an obstruction.

and stop it when the obstruction is clear.

I know the algorithm.bt I'm confused about using the proper function for counting time.

     (also after counting the time the function to reset it.)

Thanx in advance

why is my chip burning?

i want to control 4 motors with a single L293d.but the chip is becoming extremely hot.is it burning bcoz of the 2 extra sorte motor or i might have any short circuit in my bread-board?(i had triple checked it).


Battery suggestion.

i am using this 4 dc motor(100rpm) and 2 l293d motor drivers..if i want to run it for 15 minute.what is the best option for me?i dont want the robot to get too much heavy....