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A stumbling bumbling attempt at a 3D printer

Well this is my attempt a building a 3d printer, I am blaming TinHead for the whole thing, perhaps with some blame beeing focused on CtC as well and let me state here Chris and Tinhead were both a great source of encouragement and help in this on going project. The whole journey started with my seeing Tinheads build of bumble bee  http://letsmakerobots.com/node/32879

wanders around and tries not to hit stuff
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This little bot is straight from Thingiverse, obijaun is its creater, type in robot its the first one that comes up, http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:7989 .  As … Read more

start here bot with servos

Trying to create code to run a start here robot with 2 servos for driving wheels and a ping sensor with a picaxe 08m2, it should be know by all I cannot even program a vcr, I can blink an led tho so there may be some hope for me yet. this program makes for some crazy behavior that is out of control. Not sure if I am not naming stuff correctly or what.I know ounce I get going I will need to tweek values. Been at this for some time like 3 3 hours sesions just to get this far.

logic level mosfet

When looking at data sheets, what am I looking for to find mosfets I can drive with a microcontroller without having to use a transistor or other device to switch the FET, the typical ones I find listed that way on ebay are spendy and not to many of those. I know logic level means you can turn it on and off at 5V but differant manufactures use differant terms. Googling this got me some numbers but no real understanding of how to pick this info off the data sheet.

Outdoor bot

I'm thinking that a larger outdoor bot in kit form is something no one is doing now, make it small enough to use indoors say 12" by 6" or so put ultra sonic on it maybee give it a few behaviors you could do with some switches, 4 wheel drive some vex style wheel to make it capable, skid steer turning, with some add on remote control capable, tracks as a add on, a bracelet the kid could wear so the robot could follow him in that mode but still avoid obsticles and find its own way.

home brew arduino

Hi All,

 I am trying to build a home brew arduino, the drawing off the site calls for a 100nf or ,1uf I don't have one on hand can I use a larger cap?

Also is there a substitute for the 22pf on the crystal?

3 D printing

Hi all,

 Can anyone point me to some good 3d printing sites, places with lots of info about these machines and the software required. I am getting very interested in these machines.

Thanks for any help


bugs the dog, Bella, and navigates around
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Hi all this is my first project here its a basic 3 servo walker, the board is a picaxe 08m2on a project board the center servo will be on bo the right servo will be … Read more

3d machine