Let's Make Robots!

Outdoor bot

I'm thinking that a larger outdoor bot in kit form is something no one is doing now, make it small enough to use indoors say 12" by 6" or so put ultra sonic on it maybee give it a few behaviors you could do with some switches, 4 wheel drive some vex style wheel to make it capable, skid steer turning, with some add on remote control capable, tracks as a add on, a bracelet the kid could wear so the robot could follow him in that mode but still avoid obsticles and find its own way.

home brew arduino

Hi All,

 I am trying to build a home brew arduino, the drawing off the site calls for a 100nf or ,1uf I don't have one on hand can I use a larger cap?

Also is there a substitute for the 22pf on the crystal?

3 D printing

Hi all,

 Can anyone point me to some good 3d printing sites, places with lots of info about these machines and the software required. I am getting very interested in these machines.

Thanks for any help


3d machine

cheap ftdi cable or board

Hi Guys,

 Picked up a Feta from CTC now I need to find a cable or converter, I found this one are there any cheaper, I have seen the cable conversions but do no have a suitible cable




picaxe 14m2 board

I think some one, read not me it would be a mess at my skill level, needs to make a picaxe 14m2 compact proto board like the one for the 08m but that has a voltage regulator circuit built in so we can use lipo's say able to handle 15v or so  and maybee 2 amps think of the possibilities

Pay it forward

Hey Guys

 I just got a deal on 555 timers an 330 resistors I want to give a way 60 timers and 50 resistor 330 for servos

let me know if you can use them email is good too shipping cost limited to a buck or 3, tem per request only




 is any one working on a variable freaqency drive for small robots these thing are every were now in the HVAC trade "mine" and could eliminate gearing, basicaly use a pin 1 pin to speed up and slow down a motor, perhaps reverse it, this control does not revese it


Just a thought


Any cnc folks

Hi All,

 Any of you familir with cnc milling, I would like to get into it on a small hobby scale, this is the lowest cost yet capable way I have found any opinions or observations. I will not be purchasing this till mid sommer so other ideas and option are welcome are welcome, I own a taig lathe and it is small but works for me, and I felt the quality was good for the money it is not cnc. I debated a non cnc mill but felt in for a penny in for a pound, budget is no more than $2600 or so complete.