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STM32F4 Discovery, what to do?

Okay, so I read a post on dangerous prototypes saying ST was giving away samples of these boards and I figured, why the hell not? So now I have this dev board sitting on my coffee table (I'm waiting on an A to micro-B cable so I can plug it in and play) whcih they got to me a whole two days after I submitted my request and can't decide what to do with it. So anyone have any ideas as to what I could/should do with it? Right now I don't even know how to get started, my only experience has been with an Arduino Uno, and even that is limited.

Navigate (semi) autonomously
Using a
The build is covered on the blog I started for this bot (linked in additional info) if anybody is interested. It is far too long and I don't want to copy and paste … Read more

Getting strange readings from digital input

Okay so my bot (I promise, the page for it is almost done, will post tonight hopefully) is now wandering around my living room (kind of) seeking light, and quite often running into things. I've now added a bump sensor (okay, I've put two wires with bare ends next to eachother on the front of the bot), added some basic code to tell the bot to back up and turn once it bumps into something, and run into a huge problem.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

After doing some searching the last few days I've found that either there is very little information on people who have created their own autonomous vacuum cleaners, or iRobot has done an amazing job at taking up a vast majority of searches on the subject every place I've found. Given the high cost of the Roomba, and the relative cheap-ness of robot parts, this is surprising to me. I've seen posts for the crumbot, and the post for the bot using that $7 mushroom vac from dealxtreme. So I'm wondering, is there any more information available? 

Measuring angle of object in front of you

So I have 0 experience in building robots, and so far this robot is just in my head, but when I have money to start buying parts I plan to build, and document the build. Basically I'm making a cheap Tamiya tank-tread based robot. Eventually I want this to be able to go play outdoors semi-autonomously on some local 4-wheeler trails (I say semi-autonomous because said trails are surrounded by river, so I want to keep an eye on it).I want it to be able to decide on its own whether or not it is capable of going up a certain incline.