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sliding parking of a robot car

A pair of picaxes, a pair of sensors and...

Ideas for a remote controlled actuator with some limitations


A friend of mine is biologist and needs to capture regularly ducks to control their health.

He has made a jail which door can be released easily (guillotine door), but this jail is going to be placed on a platform in the middle of a small lake. He has asked for my help to build a device to remotely close the door.

Our first idea was a Hobby remote controller and receiver to activate a servo to close the door.

But there are some limitations which worries us:

Doubts about software development for robots

Hi LMRtians

After doing some programming for my first robot I was wondering (maybe because of my computer science background) if someone uses some kind of notation or software development methods at the hour of programming the robot.
When you are programming simple things like the Start Here Robot (http://letsmakerobots.com/start) it is easy to program a sequence of actions:

  Condition 1: gosub Action 1
  Condition 2: gosub Action 2

A NXT robot playing tetris

A NXT robot playing tetris.

It uses a DSP board for the image processing and decision making, then uses different colour LEDs to indicate the NXT robot which key it should press.




Still working

My Jeep Mr Basic is still waiting for his brains... if I don't help him soon he will start looking for the Wizard of Oz...

My second robot is also in preparation, meanwhile I will continue enjoying all LMR's robots...

Line following and obstacle avoidance
Using a
It has been hard, but I finished the main parts of my candidate for LMR Mr Basic contest just in time. As this is my first robot, the general idea was building … Read more

Preparing to launch

After reading and learning a lot from all of you, I have decided to write my first post to check all this before I post my first project: Mr Jeep Basic.