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Laser tag


I am planning on building a lasar tag set with my arduino. does anyone know what I could use to detect the lasar ( some sort of reciever or cell of some sort) I want to be able to use it when there is light so a photo cell is already out of the picture.

code help


What is the difference between spi and i2c, what are the benifits of each?
if possible can you please use basic terms..

arduino word proccesing


Would I be able to connect a ps/2 keyboard, lcd display, and a sd card slot to the arduino , and with some programming make a simple word proccessor? 

Remotely turn on and off home lights

Hi i was wondering if i could hook up a 120v transistor (don't know if i should use pnp or npn) to my home lights and pmw it with my arduino. Eventually i want to be able to do this remotely, possibly by an ethernet shield.

Arduino car

Ok I have this arduino powered autonomis car. It uses a Sharp proximity sensor. It runs well when it does not sense anyting but when i put my hand near it sometimes is turns but other times it stops and the motor moves a tiny bit and then it stops. 

Here is a video ..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrxh59XDGT8&feature=youtu.be

Side comments

Boolean with arduino

Hi i have a question about boolean for arduino. Where does the whole boolean statement go? in void loop? I am trying to use this code http://www.ladyada.net/learn/sensors/ir.html - the second to last part to be specific. However, it does not say where to put it.

i just put it at its own thing but this error comes up "a function definintion is not allowed here before '{' token" with this-  boolean IRcompare(int numpulses, int Signal[]) { - highlighted

IR Receiver


is an ir reciever digital or analog?

Also if i were to make a simpile sketch to read it would it go like this

int senspin=3;
void setup {
 pinMode( senspin, INPUT);
void loop {
  int val= analogread /** or digital read **/ (sensorpin);


Wifi/ Ip enabled car


I am intrested in making a car that can be controlled anywhere through wifi. I do no know where to start and how to do it. Does anyone know what to use (arduino? arduino with ethernet shield? arduino with wifi shield?) or any good step by step instrunctions on this?

Anything would help