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What is the difference between a 30 amp esc or a 20 amp esc. Is it the input or the output that is different? 

Arduino Blutooth

Hi I have an android phone and i want to be able to send my text messages, emails, and other stuff to my arduino by using bluetooth. Is that possible? How would you get the phone to send that?

Proximity sensor

So a while a go I hooked up one of those sharp proximity sensors to my arduino. I ran a digital read, it went well... when i put my hand infront of the sensor the number got lower but when i moved my hand further the number got higher. Now when I hook it up the numbers change randomly and they only change a few numbers (up or down). I tried many things and i could not figure it out. The weird thing is that when the sensor is not even connected the numbers still appear. Ant ideas? 



So i have a IR detector and it is hooked up to an arduino i have programed it with the help of this blog http://www.arcfn.com/2009/08/multi-protocol-infrared-remote-library.html i am doing the example that is named " How to recieve" 

Problem: whenever i click a button on my remote the number 0 apeers on the serial monitor. What does that mean?

Battery help



What is the difference of a 9v battery and a battery holder that can hold 6 aa batterys 3 on each side? (it comes out to have 9v) Which one is better for the arduino or any other microcontrollers?? 


Need help with a major proble,


I am trying to build a toy car with an arduino. I am using a tamiya twin motor gear box ( as seen on http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/1680). This is connected to a track set. ( it pretty much looks like this http://www.pololu.com/picture/view/0J2711). I am using the spark fun motor driver: motor driver 1a dual tb6612FNG on

Tamiya Twin motor gear box

Hi guys 

I have a question 

Does the tamiya twin motor work with the L293D Motor Driver IC

I am going to connect it to a picaxe would it work.