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Excel ... Tip

Hi all just thought i would post this which could be handy for those who use Excel .... as i have seen post where people work out things for there robot projects in excel.

Mapping a range of numbers to another range of numbers ....

Hi all ... had to convert a range of numbers in my online course to another range of numbers using C code ... 

in Arduino this is easy using the Map function ... but i had a lot of problems trying to figure out to do it in C and after googling online and not finding anything of use decided id have to try harder doing it myself so got out the excel sheet and tryed working it out myself ... and after getting it sorted decided to do a little write up on it .... 

Suggestions for a free C Compiler and Debugger please

Hi all looking for suggestions for something free and good to practice C code in .

I run on windows Vista so need something compatibale with that ...

reason im asking is there is so many to choose from and im not sure what i should really be looking for ...

not knowing what each one has or has not im really looking for one that has a debugger ... not sure if they all have this feature or not as the only programm im used to programming in is the arduino programmer and this dosent use a debugger.

learning code ... the ups and downs

Thought id post this example to show what im going through in the learning and understanding prossess of coding. For the most part it is very frustrating ... i would have very limited understandig at the moment and practically new to coding have tried before but stopped as other things came up.

But have started again and finding it hard going ... but am having some success ..

Number one reason is not being able to find any site with a teaching process .... have found some great sites that show very good tutorials eg tronixstuff ... 

modified servo .. continious rotation problem

Hi all ... have a little problem with a servo i modified for continous rotation 

#include <Servo.h> 

  Servo myservo;  // create servo object to control a servo 

  void setup() 

  myservo.attach(9);  // attaches the servo on pin 9 to the servo object 

  void loop() 

Generates Electricity ... max around 10v 200ma to ?
At the moment its a hand cranked generator using two of the 4 wires from steppermotor  getting up to 10v and 200+ ma (multimeter died so not sure exact amounts) Read more

Two Questions on Voltage

First off was wondering is it possible to measure voltage by using a set up of leds and resistors in a bread board... i have a  couple of stepper motors and i want to figure out what i can get them to generate .. what id like to do is set it up where leds will light at different voltages generated eg when generator hits 2v first led lights and next dosent light till i hit 4v  and next dosent light till i hit 6v 

AC Volt + AC Volt =

Hi all havent being on for ages .... back to my old hobby Poker ... but started messing around again ... and have a question.

came across simple generator online and thought id try and make one as it looked easy ...  well easy enough if u have a proper magnet lol ... anyway got it sorted with the collection of small magnets i found lying around .

required items wire and magnet ... and something to wrap wire around and something .. eg bar to attach magnets to ... then rotate magnets inside wire and presto electricity

How to code this properly .....

Ok being distracted from my robot hack of late .... anyway being trying out the led tutorials on tronixstuff and have a little problem ...


Those of you that follow tronixstuff will have seen the tutorials on leds  ... im trying them out at the moment.  First tutorial is http://tronixstuff.wordpress.com/2010/04/04/getting-started-with-arduino-chapter-zero/

Video of problem at bottom of post

photoresistor to control servo

After looking up some info on photoresistors and finding some good info on this site http://www.societyofrobots.com/schematics_photoresistor.shtml ....  i set up a voltage divider using the photoresistor and had it connected with a led ... which would light up or turn off depending how much light was getting to the photoresistor. I then thought it would be cool to connect this to my arduino and controll a servo .... similar to the set up using the potentiometer ...