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Programming Language

Greetings all.

I am hoping to get some pointers for a long term project that I am undertaking. I would like to create an interactive "head", similar to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vG65xL1aNg

I am planning on using Ardunio devices to control the servo's, and buying a "text-to-speech" program for the voice.

My question is, what programming language would you recommend that I build the interactive software taking users inputs, and creating responses? C? C#? Similar?

Quiet The Whine.

Name someone that likes the sound of servos... that's right, no one.

So what does anyone know about quietening the sound from servos? Would love to hear any ideas that anyone has.

One idea I was thinking was to put all the servo's for a robot into one box, and connect their moving energy to a flexible cable that passes through a hollow tube to where you want the work done. That way, perhaps the box could be coated with muffling material.

Human Skin Replication

I am starting thinking about human skin replication, and would like to coat a robot in it oneday. Silicone seems to be the most popular choice around, but does anyone have any thoughts on the best material?

I was also thinking of replicating 'body warmth' with some kind of 'electric blanket' type wire running through it to make the robot feel the same temperature as a real person.

Would appreciate any thoughts.

Tiny Soldering Techniques

I have a Logitech C500 webcam that I would like to pull the imaging sensor out of, but keep it wired to the original board (on longer cables). The chip itself is about 9mm square, and has around a dozen output pins on each side of it (4 sides).

Is it even possible to do this do you think? Without super special equipment (I have an ok soldering iron).

Number of Servo's Attached to an Arduino.

Just a quick question that I'm struggling to get a straight answer from the intertubes about...

I'm looking at purchasing an arduino board to control some servo's, and wondering how many each can control?

For example: Uno R3 has 14 digital i/o pins (6PWM outputs), and 6 analog inputs. What does this mean exactly?

Starting Point For Robotic Eyes

Hi there.

I would like to build a robot head with two eyes that move. I would like to put snake-cam's in each eye, and have the robot able to look around (ie: Following someone's face); and also to use the platform to build from there (ie: 3D object distance estimating, etc.)

I do realise that the above is a huge project, but I need to start somewhere :) To begin, I would like to build one eye that can move around and track a face.

Can anyone recommend software to control the above functions, with in mind that I am only beginning robotics.

Robotic Hand

Just found this on The Reg:


Pretty awesome stuff with muscle controlled robotics.

True Human

Just a thought project (as I never seem to have any time to build the ideas floating around in my head);

I see a lot of wonderful projects built here on LMR, but one thing that always screams to me with humanoid robotic designs is 'x' axis is always considered, but the 'y' axis on robot joints is almost always ignored. Please don't take this as critism, rather a challenge to think about this problem.

Building Robots Just Got More Profitable!

This isn't really a video, but an article about DARPA offering a pretty nice sized prize for building a robot that can complete their set of tasks!

Definitley something to consider!