Let's Make Robots!
My goal for 2015 was to get back into robotics ive had a year or so off with only doing a few little projects over that time. My aim to get get a nice little … Read more

Charging NIHM battery pack insitu help


Help LMR,

Im currently making good progress on my Rover 5 robot build and im at the point were i would like to stop taking the batteries out to recharge, and to prepare for autonamous recharging possibilities in the future.

im trying to get my head around what i have available component wise and my knowledge on batteries to make this work (both are limited).

**Batteries are 6x 1.2v nihm AA's

mobile work station

in a constant battle for trying to keep the home tidy, ive decided to make a mobile work station that i can kep all of the current parts and tools and nick nacks in one place. hopefully helping me stay out of trouble with the misses and bring some focus and organisation back into my life.

its criterea -

be cheap

super functional to me at least

make use of some of my growing collection of parts

sneak in some 3d printing

Its a work in progress so time will tell if it will live up to my criteria

progress so far.

Navigate around via ultrasound
Using a
                This is Bert. he is a small development platform that i plan on using to get a grips with the arduino programming language before i take on … Read more

Multi sensor robot

Hi Guys,

ive finally got my robot platform working with simple object avoidance on a arduino, using a single ping sensor. the way i got it working was a simple if (sensor > 5cm ) drive forward; else (avoid obsticle). i now want to add some bumpers and other sensors but i cant figure out how to get it to work, and the time i felt like i was making progress i couldnt get the sketch to compile.

Is there a obvious way to set out the code so i can use multiple sensors to initiate the (avoid obsticle) loop.