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Charging NIHM battery pack insitu help


Help LMR,

Im currently making good progress on my Rover 5 robot build and im at the point were i would like to stop taking the batteries out to recharge, and to prepare for autonamous recharging possibilities in the future.

im trying to get my head around what i have available component wise and my knowledge on batteries to make this work (both are limited).

**Batteries are 6x 1.2v nihm AA's

Multi sensor robot

Hi Guys,

ive finally got my robot platform working with simple object avoidance on a arduino, using a single ping sensor. the way i got it working was a simple if (sensor > 5cm ) drive forward; else (avoid obsticle). i now want to add some bumpers and other sensors but i cant figure out how to get it to work, and the time i felt like i was making progress i couldnt get the sketch to compile.

Is there a obvious way to set out the code so i can use multiple sensors to initiate the (avoid obsticle) loop.