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Theo Jansen - Vex style

Vex has produced a Theo Jansen walker kit. Click image for more details.


Added the video found by Rik.

I feel that the body should kind of rise and fall with each step. This one just seems to glide like a (roller)skater.

Drives about at full speed trying to avoid obstacles
Using a
Guard is no more. I splatted the cat, well, the mouse and so Guard was returned to the Lego parts bins, and I've returned to my earlier theme - the attempt to build … Read more

Solar Cells

I'm trying to build a Power-Smart Head from a design in the Solarbotics' community pages. It doesn't seem to be working, and the community seems to be dead so perhaps someone here with more electronics knowledge can help me.

Waits, listens, looks and shoots
Using a
21 January 2009 Guard II is now up and running. I'll try to make a video in the next few days but it's time consuming. This is a stationary bot that listens and … Read more
I've spent 24 hours (when not at work / asleep) building a Cat-Splat entry. I didn't intend to do this next, but couldn't resist. We've just been trying it out - no … Read more
A general purpose platform
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This is essentially the QuickStart robot from the Lego Mindstorms nxt kit without the grabber and with a wider front bumper. It took about 15 minutes to build and … Read more
Supposed to be a basic four-wheel platform
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My "nineteenth" attempt to make a four-wheel robot using Lego Mindstorms nxt. All ended in failure as I couldn't get any of them to turn. This was a kind of … Read more
Heads towards the light, backs off from obstacles
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15-Nov-08 Read more

'Arty' Robots

Robot or Art


Robots or Art? You decide. Mario Caicedo Langer's Flickr photos.


Ripsaw MS1

Ripsaw MS1


Imagine the 'H' bridges on this baby. More details here