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creeps around looking for light, fire, other robots and long walks on the beach...
Using a
  A little robot that just wants to have fun!  The code is choppy but works. I used some of Bajdi's code changed it up a little and will post it(code) in a … Read more
  Basic obstacle avoidance robot using two servos for the wheels(lids from dog food), the caster is a funny plastic bolt cap they use in NYC on construction … Read more
Well it's the tracks from a Broken Rad robot and a bunch of parts either in the mail, needing to be ordered or waiting to be added. I should have it all together by … Read more
This is my Lumi bug. I was poking aroung looking at my favorite robotsand I though hmmmI have all these parts already and should take advantage of Hurricane Sandy's … Read more

HC sr04 run on 3 pins with arduino

Just wanna share this(not mine) with everyone. I now have a ping))) arduino code running an HC sr04 on a robot due to this... http://code.google.com/p/arduino-new-ping/wiki/NewPing_Single_Pin_Sketch It's that simple.

Chiefdadddy Make Faire



A few pictures from Maker Faire 2012 NYC and I mean a FEW. :D

Avoid objects, move around random, make someone smile
I was in Amsterdam for New years eve and ended up buying myself a coffee cup that came in a cool box. After I got home I put away my new cup and then thought about … Read more

HC-SR04 / servo code help for AmsterBot :)



I have a new video and pics that I will post soon of Amsterbot's new/temp body. 

Please dont laugh this little guy off the planet. He was a very old robot kit Called Mr. Technoman I'll upload a picture of the box later for fun. The old robot was … Read more
Price: $27 USD
Found Broken Rad Robot on Ebay. The Tracks are tough wont come off all the time and is stable. Read more