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joystick "scooter"

Hey guys i need help whit the controll system of my scoter/buggy  i will use to drill motors 12 volt, a sabertooth motor controller, 12 volt battery but her come the har part fro me i need a way of controlling it, just the forward,stop.back,               i was thinking about a joystick controller but i can´t seem to find one that works for me, and i dont know how to conect it       so guys pleas help me whit this,

servo help

i want to be able to controll to servos whit one button -when i pres the button the servos shuld strat and when p res it again they shuld stop and then thers shuld be one other button that when i press the servos are going to go in revers and when i press button nr 2 they shuld stop- i want to be using a arduino but i need help whit the hard ware and writing code this wuld relly mean a lot... ps this is for a tv lift

Dog feeder

Hello LMR i need help whit making a dog feeder, a atomatic one ? that will start at 6,00 am and at 7.00 pm evry day i have the mecanics worked out but i need help whit the software,coding,hardware it is supose to controll 1 servo . Thanks a lot guys