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2WD Car Driving in circles


I've just mounted a magician robot, using Dagu's magician chassis and Dagu magician controller. By runing the simple code that follows, it walks in circles, while it should be walking straight in line. I guess one of the motors is being faster than the other. Is this normal?





Best way to Power an 8 servo - Quadbot

Hi. I want to power a Dagu Qadbot without sources, only batteries, but don't know the best way to Do it. It uses 8 micro servo - 8g, 4~6V, and draw a current that I don't know the specific value as I didn't find a Datasheet.


So, as I'm almost sure that only Arduino will not be able to power the 8 servos, I'm thinking about 2 solutions:


1st - Use 4AA Battery to power - the Arduino i parallel with the servos. This way I'd power the servos directly and just connect the digital pin to the arduino.