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motorcontroller board [FIXED]


I am trying to build a segway, I know how I am going to make it, but I have been struggling to get the motorcontroller to work for days now.

I attached an accelerometer and a motorcontroller to an arduino uno. When I tilt the accelerometer 2 indicatorlights on the motorcontroller change, so this signal must be right. But when I measure the voltage at the motor output I get only 10-60 mV.

I tried using more and using less Volt (5-15 V) on the m.c. board itself. (I attached it to an old model train transformator)

Please Help


HC-SR04 arduino codes

Hallo everyone 

I want to make a robot with the hc-sr04 ultrasonic sensor on a servo.

Can someone help me with some (example)  codes for the hc-sr04 utrasonic distance sensor?




I will upload some vids/pics/info about my first robot, that walks.

Edit: just neede to replace the numbers from the original ping sketch. it works now

Ideas for an useful robot


I want to build a useful robot for a school project, but I ran out of unused ideas.

I thought about a mine rescue robot and a fire and rescue bot.


Can anyone help me with something simular?


Thanks a lot!!

Servo coding (solved)

It is working now, thanks to everyone who helped me out!!!



I am trying to make my servo work,but if I start my arduino, with code and servo attached, it just goes to one position and stays there twitching. Can someone help me?

second try