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One wheel works, servo works but other wheel and the eyes dont!

Hello LMR folks

i was (still am acutally) for getting my starter kit. I put it all together. Soldering was a b**** lol

anyway, i am facing a problem, 2 acutally. the servo responds to the code and one motor does as well, however, the other does motor not and the "eyes" do not respond.

I did some troubleshooting, i unpluged the motor that works and pluged the one that does not work instead, and it works fine. So i immideatly concluded that I probably screwed up soldering. Similarly I am assuming that I did not solder properly the pins where i plug the eyes.

All starter kits are out, i need one, i just cant find one!!!

Hi LMR community,

I am very excited to have found this website. I have been trying to look for a challenging hobby :)