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Navigate around via IR Sensor
Hello guys! Finally, after a lot of time, I am posting a robot entry! This is my first Arduino robot, a good testing platform. Here is also a video to explain a bit … Read more

What is the problem?

So my robot does work when it is connected to us or usb and 9V, but when it is connected only to the 9V
Everything works with little pulses and long delays!
Is this a good code even?


#include <Servo.h>


Servo servo; //Create a servo object


//Standard PWM DC control

int E1 = 5;     //M1 Speed Control

int E2 = 6;     //M2 Speed Control

int M1 = 4;    //M1 Direction Control

int M2 = 7;    //M2 Direction Control


Avoid objects and never stop
Using a
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Move and bump into things
Hello! This is my second, quick maded robot. I got parts from old toys and matchbox (;D) It's a vibrobot using 9v, big power for small motor. It has some kind of … Read more

Cnc or 3D printer?

So, this is my problem: Which one should i buy? Tell me pros and cons, like price and complexity. Some of you have knowledgement with these things, and these guys know a lot of these things. But most importan thing: I need something affordable and it can be used to produce robot parts Thanks, BotFIN
Follows the light or goes away from the light
Using a
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Dance and make you laugh
Using a
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Axe - the sumobot

Hello hello!

As you can guess, I am making a new robot, and it is a small sumo!
- Picaxe 14M
- 2 modified micro servos
- 1 LDR to see the line of the ring
- Sharp IR sensor
- Bottle cap wheels until I make up a better solution (Yes, lol :D)

And when I will receive parts, or get something done, I am going to update this until it is time to post a robot!
Tomorrow (I think) I'm going to post schematics and maybe printed layout ready to make it pcb!

AXE033 Serial LCD Doesn't Work!


I bought an AXE033 Serial Backlit LCD v2 for my thermometer project, but it doesn't work.
I have connected the headers from every side and hole.
And J2 and RB are inserted.
I tested it, and it worked! (Connected CLK holes)
But when i am going to control it with my PICAXE 28x2, it doesn't work!

Using w/ 4.5V
It's connected to project board, pin of 28x2, not through that transistor chip, straightly to PICAXE.
OUT isn't connected to anything. 

I used a code from picaxe.com.

 Here's a pic:

60€ PICAXE bot - Any ideas?

So i've got 60€ spare for new picaxe robot.
I have lot's of good tools and materials, and i can make my own PCBs

What kind of robot should i make and what parts should i buy?