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Any ideas?

What could i do when i get all of these parts? I have some of these already. 14M Homemade IR sensors 4 micro servos Pcb making things Plexiglass Electrical tape, black Non- geared dc motors Resistors,ldrs,leds,capacitors,transistors Speakers Buttons L293D Battery holders ( 2 geared motors and wheels )

Explain capacitor?

Okay so can you tell me about condensators? Electrolyte especially. I know that they store power but do they condense it from - to +? Or store - to - lead and + to + lead?

Part seek

What part can i use to replace 1381? Tell every option you know.

AtMega8 circuit

What is the minimum circuit to operate AtMega8? Include every resistor,programmer and everything.

Biped parts

Yeah! 4x HXT900 microservos

Biped robot

Okay. Sounds simple. My idea is make a biped robot with 4 micro servos and homemade IR sensor cost less than 50€. Body maked from cheap plastic sheets and grip in feet is rubber. And cause picaxe is cheap, i'll use it :) I finish it in end of this year, i promise!

Voltage regulating

Hello! Can i use Zenerdiodes to drop voltage from 6v to 4,7v (to PicAxe 08M) using Z04713? Or what do i use?

08M robot arm IR controlling

Hello! I think subject tells a lot. I use picaxes IR receiver. Can you tell some examples for how can i do it? No ready code, examples. I want to make it move till stop is pressed or when button is released.

My first picaxe code

* UPDATED: CODE                          *

Hello! I have 2 years exprience in programming before i doned this.
Now i show this to you because i want to know does it work.
Sensor thingy is my own maked i tell more later.
I debugged the code and it worked. It uses Tri-state motor controlling, check nuumio's tip about it!



'Obstacle avoider with sound

PicAxe Code forum

Hello! This forum is for that i post my codes and you can check they work. 
First code:


tune 0, 4,($40,$42,$80,$44,$46,$04,$04,$04)

high 2

pause 500

low 2

pause 500