Let's Make Robots!

Servó qüéßtiøn

Do i connect servos to normal input only? Or where

74HC14 questions.

Hello! How can i program 74HC14? What cables and what plugs do i need? What language does it use and what program do i use?

My parts

Yes! My parts arrived today and now i got them.

There are over 400 parts in this box (not include picaxe things):

There are ldrs,resistors,electric capacitors,ceramic capasitors,motor driver,08M,transistors,leds,axle,wires and lots of other things what i can use on robots. But still i have to order more parts, motors,breadboard and battery holders.


Robot chassis

Hello everyone! Now i finished my robots chassis and i want to show it to you.

First picture is front of it:

And secon is from left side:

And these are wheels i may use on it:

And parts are taped with two-sided tape.

Picaxe Roboshield

I think to design robot shield with Picaxe 14M.

It has 14M CPU,L293D motor driver,Memory circuit  24LC32, programming input,male headers and some else parts.

Do you think it can be good?

Sensor seeking.

Let's Make Robots! Hello LMRians! I ordered some parts and i order more in few weeks.

I want to do my own sensor using LDR,IR led and normal leds. And yes, it's going to be something like AmandaLDR but not exactly same.

The sensor is going to my mini sumo, project what i'm working for. It's using Picaxe-08M. What do you think about it?

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Beeps and turn led on if you pass it
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Problems with programming picaxe

Hello! I have a problem with programming PICAXE 08M.

It says it can't connect to the CPU. And i don't know why it says so.

I'm doing everything what it says but it doesn't help me.

Can YOU help me to program it?

EDIT: I connect the cable to the COM port and put batteries. Then i wroted the program and try to move it to CPU.