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Cnc or 3D printer?

So, this is my problem: Which one should i buy? Tell me pros and cons, like price and complexity. Some of you have knowledgement with these things, and these guys know a lot of these things. But most importan thing: I need something affordable and it can be used to produce robot parts Thanks, BotFIN

AXE033 Serial LCD Doesn't Work!


I bought an AXE033 Serial Backlit LCD v2 for my thermometer project, but it doesn't work.
I have connected the headers from every side and hole.
And J2 and RB are inserted.
I tested it, and it worked! (Connected CLK holes)
But when i am going to control it with my PICAXE 28x2, it doesn't work!

Using w/ 4.5V
It's connected to project board, pin of 28x2, not through that transistor chip, straightly to PICAXE.
OUT isn't connected to anything. 

I used a code from picaxe.com.

 Here's a pic:

60€ PICAXE bot - Any ideas?

So i've got 60€ spare for new picaxe robot.
I have lot's of good tools and materials, and i can make my own PCBs

What kind of robot should i make and what parts should i buy?

This is my project [DON'T LOOK, JUST BORING]

STARTED 5.7.2012

Okay, so here's my project, what i am designing.
It is a robot arm!
Some stats:

- 4 servos, not very big
- PICAXE 14M as brain
- SM-S3317S 2.0kg at 4.8V
- 4 Rechargeable 1.2V batteries
- Polymorph and lightweight woodsticks as materials 
- Maybe somekind of sensor and IR receiver
- Potentiometer to control

Pictures coming soon!

LMR on Twitter

So hey guys and girls!
If you didn't know, me (@BotFIN on Twitter) and GeneralGeek (@NoahMoroze) are in the Twitter as LMR. Twitter add's our names to end of the posts (I don't know why). But we are "official" employees of LMR on Twitter now :)

AXE033 Serial LCD

So can i use serial lcd on picaxe 28-project board?

Using a LCD

Hello! So in those picaxe manuals they say that you can drive lcd from serial out. And i think that i can drive lcd even from 08M's serial out -- from single pin! Is that right yeah?

PICaxe jumper link


To get serial out to used as output, do I have to put male headers and jumper link to choose programming or output?

Phototransistor circuit?

Yeah so what's the minimum circuit to operate phototransistor? (w/ picaxe)

Minimun circuit needed to ldr?

Okay so can i hook other end of ldr to adc input on 14M and other to Ground?
Or should i add something difficult circuitry?