Let's Make Robots!

This would work?

Okay so would this pcb setup be okay? Note that there is a jumperwire!

Diptrace help


How can i add 3-pin block headers to servos and picaxe download socket to my schematics on diptrace.

And how can i add phototransistors and leds?

Pcb designing program

Okay so what is easy to use program to design pcbs? I am looking for one which is very easy to use.

Simplebotics'es code




//Arduino minibiped code

//By BotFIN

//You can use this code if you get permission from SimpleBotics


#include <Servo.h>

Servo foot1;

Servo foot2;

Servo leg1;

Servo leg2;


int posf1 = 90;

int posf2 = 90;

int posl1 = 90;

int posl2 = 90;


void setup()







What connector size?

I will connect servos to my biped robot but i don't know what raster should it be?
Is it 2.54mm or 2mm or what?
My servo is HXT900. 

Any ideas?

What could i do when i get all of these parts? I have some of these already. 14M Homemade IR sensors 4 micro servos Pcb making things Plexiglass Electrical tape, black Non- geared dc motors Resistors,ldrs,leds,capacitors,transistors Speakers Buttons L293D Battery holders ( 2 geared motors and wheels )

Explain capacitor?

Okay so can you tell me about condensators? Electrolyte especially. I know that they store power but do they condense it from - to +? Or store - to - lead and + to + lead?

Part seek

What part can i use to replace 1381? Tell every option you know.

AtMega8 circuit

What is the minimum circuit to operate AtMega8? Include every resistor,programmer and everything.

Biped parts

Yeah! 4x HXT900 microservos