Let's Make Robots!

This is my project [DON'T LOOK, JUST BORING]

STARTED 5.7.2012

Okay, so here's my project, what i am designing.
It is a robot arm!
Some stats:

- 4 servos, not very big
- PICAXE 14M as brain
- SM-S3317S 2.0kg at 4.8V
- 4 Rechargeable 1.2V batteries
- Polymorph and lightweight woodsticks as materials 
- Maybe somekind of sensor and IR receiver
- Potentiometer to control

Pictures coming soon!

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Have you spotted THIS?

Let's Make Robots!

So i found this when i looked where members do live.
There is green colour in the logo!
Did you spot this before me? 

LMR on Twitter

So hey guys and girls!
If you didn't know, me (@BotFIN on Twitter) and GeneralGeek (@NoahMoroze) are in the Twitter as LMR. Twitter add's our names to end of the posts (I don't know why). But we are "official" employees of LMR on Twitter now :)

AXE033 Serial LCD

So can i use serial lcd on picaxe 28-project board?

Using a LCD

Hello! So in those picaxe manuals they say that you can drive lcd from serial out. And i think that i can drive lcd even from 08M's serial out -- from single pin! Is that right yeah?

PICaxe jumper link


To get serial out to used as output, do I have to put male headers and jumper link to choose programming or output?

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