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Phototransistor circuit?

Yeah so what's the minimum circuit to operate phototransistor? (w/ picaxe)
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Analog Robot Controller
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Minimun circuit needed to ldr?

Okay so can i hook other end of ldr to adc input on 14M and other to Ground?
Or should i add something difficult circuitry? 

This would work?

Okay so would this pcb setup be okay? Note that there is a jumperwire!

Diptrace help


How can i add 3-pin block headers to servos and picaxe download socket to my schematics on diptrace.

And how can i add phototransistors and leds?

Pcb designing program

Okay so what is easy to use program to design pcbs? I am looking for one which is very easy to use.

Simplebotics'es code




//Arduino minibiped code

//By BotFIN

//You can use this code if you get permission from SimpleBotics


#include <Servo.h>

Servo foot1;

Servo foot2;

Servo leg1;

Servo leg2;


int posf1 = 90;

int posf2 = 90;

int posl1 = 90;

int posl2 = 90;


void setup()







What connector size?

I will connect servos to my biped robot but i don't know what raster should it be?
Is it 2.54mm or 2mm or what?
My servo is HXT900. 

Biped robot

Okay. If you know i am building cheap 4-DOF biped.
If you want to know what would it be,it's going to be like EasyBotics Easy Biped :O 

I got some ideas and i ordered 4x Hextronik HXT900 servos.
Next thing i buy is PCB making things and PicAxe 14M. 
I make chassis when i get some plastic sheets.
But i can tell you some things:
- It has a homemade IR sensor
- And led eyes
- I can modify it easy to walk and avoid obstacles or be a sumo or dance
- I may add an IR receiver to remote control mode