Let's Make Robots!

attiny85 h-bridge ldr robot

I have an idea for making an simple robot. Maybe solar powered... doesnt have to be...

I have an ATTiny85, an h-bridge from an arduino motorshield (L293D, I think) and some LDR sensors and some 3V-6V motors.

My question is, can I somehow put them all together to make a simple robot? If so, do I need anything else, besides simple resistors and capacitors? Or am I missing something?

Update 3-25-2012: So I used this simple code to program the ATtiny using the Arduino as ISP


void setup() {                

Where to find free electronic components that are usually expensive in store?

Hi everyone,

I am fairly new here and bit low on money! Who isnt these days... I have been scavenging parts from old computers, motherboards, power supplies, old tvs, vcr etc.

I have been trying to find some super capacitors 1F etc for solar projects and voltage triggers like 1381 etc. Whats a best old/broken electronics to look for these things?

I also encourage LMR to make a super thread / list of where people like myself can find components thats are hard to find and/or expensive to by from a store.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!